Red Bull is one of the best partners an athlete can have. They bring so many collaboration ideas to the table and the Faces of Dav project was one of them. The final plan was to do an eight episode web series but rather than just do eight different ski trips, we decided to focuses on all of the different hats I wear in the industry, from father, husband and Aspen local to ski company owner and ski guide to mountaineer and adventurer.

I was able to get together with some friends and travel to some pretty great places like Svalbard, Norway and CMH Heli in Canada. I was also able to stay close to home in Aspen and spend time with my family on skis which is always a blast for me. Additionally, we went to Italy and Austria and chronicled my relationship with two of the brands I work with — Scarpa and Kastle — and my involvement in the engineering and design process. All the while, I was knocking off peaks with my partners Ted and Christy Mahon for our Centennial Skiers project. So to say 2014/2015 was busy is a bit of an understatement!

But I’m beyond proud of the way Faces of Dav turned out and the collaborations I was able to put on film with not only brand partners Red Bull, Scarpa and Kastle but also the long-time friends, family and supporters I’ve worked with for decades. Some of the bonus footage is pretty good (and funny), too!

Episode 1 – The Adventurer

Episode 2 – The Engineer

Episode 3 – The Father

Episode 4.1 – The Explorer

Episode 4.2 – The Explorer

Episode 6 – The Mountaineer

Episode 7 – The Powderhound

Episode 8 – The Legend

This is what I live for. / DAV